Katherine D. Czesak, PhD
Licensed Psychologist


Katherine Czesak, PhD

My approach is to understand you deeply and individualize our work by finding what is most effective for you. We collaborate through an interactive, compassionate exploration that engages your strengths and self-knowledge. As a seasoned therapist, I am trained in a wide range of clinical approaches and techniques that can help you increase your ability to cope and ease your psychological distress. I am mindful of what your needs are and what is realistic for your life-style. Through a warm and reflective environment, we figure out what is most beneficial for your well-being.

I have assisted clients with a broad spectrum of issues: life-style changes (smoking cessation, alleviating compulsions, addictions, and eating habits); improving quality of life (work-related stress, relationship problems, life-transition difficulties, self-esteem struggles, anxiety and depression); and emotional healing (past and current trauma).

I incorporate the following techniques, as needed, in our work together: EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique, harm reduction through motivational interviewing, imagery, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral interventions and positive psychology practices.

Please contact me if you think I can be helpful to you. My practice is solely teletherapy; I use a HIPAA compliant Zoom link for sessions. I look forward to meeting you and exploring what you wish to change. I offer an initial free half hour phone consultation.